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Sponge test

Sooty Sponge After the Test: A Reveal of Hidden Hazards

Invisible to the naked eye, soot can accumulate silently, posing health risks and potential fire hazards. Regular inspections, like this test, help us uncover these hidden dangers, ensuring our homes and workplaces remain safe havens.

photo of a house with Debry in front of the house

Turning Chaos into Clarity, One debris at a Time.

Every piece removed is a step closer to restoring the beauty and safety of this cherished space. We're here to bring comfort, relief, and renewal, one debris at a time. Together, we're turning chaos into clarity, and it's a privilege to be part of this transformative journey. Call SERVPRO of Utah County to help you get back to "Like it never happened" 

-Photo submitted by 
Sam Webb

Basement with hole in the ceiling

Basement Ceiling Damage from Kitchen Flood

SERVPRO of Downtown Salt Lake is there for you after you have water damage and need help.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you never have to wait help.  We will come in to your home repair the damage, clean up, and be out of your way before you even know it.

We will make it "Like it never even happened."

Photo of burned Chevron Gas Sation

Fire Damage in Spanish Fork

Embracing challenges with a burnt Chevron ??? Sometimes, life throws unexpected obstacles our way, but it's how we handle them that defines us. Through adversity, we discover our true strength and tenacity. So, let's rise above the ashes and keep moving forward, turning setbacks into stepping stones toward success! ?????? 

Serrvpro Employees getting ready for the day .

Rain or shine, SERVPRO is always ready to tackle any restoration challenge!

So, whether it's a small leak or a torrential downpour, rest assured that SERVPRO is prepared to handle any water damage situation with professionalism and care. Your property is our priority, rain or shine!

Photo of window

Rain Fills Window well and Floods Basement

A severe rain storm caused basement flooding for many people in Saratoga Springs, UT.  This particular home was flooded due to the window well filling with water and leaking through the window and into the house.  Luckily the homeowners were home and were able to call SERVPRO before the damage was too extensive.

photo of burned fireplace in the living room of a family home.

Unforeseen Blaze: When the Family Fireplace Ignited

A family in Orem, UT came close to losing their home after the fireplace in the family room caught fire.  Luckily the family was home when the fireplace caught fire and they were able to call 911 immediately before the whole house was in flames. While their home still had a lot of damage they feel blessed they still have home.